Tetra Holiday Sticks Tropical

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Perfect for feeding your tropical aquarium fish when you need to leave the home for a few days, these Tetra Holiday Sticks Tropical dissolve slowly in your tank, slowly releasing food to be eaten in your absence. Order them from Swell UK to get the best price.


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Product Information

These Holiday Sticks from Tetra are suitable for both cold water and tropical fish, so you can be sure of the best

The bioactive formula contains only 100% edible ingredients and no plaster, like other forms. To boost immunity, energy levels and vitality too.

Simply add to the aquarium and your fish will be fed for up to 9 days, so whether you're away for a weekend or a holiday you can be confident that your fish are well looked after.

Do not add more than the recommended number of sticks as uneaten food can pollute the water.

Product Specification

Product Handy Hints
Tetra Tetramin Weekend Food Simply add Tetra Holiday Sticks to your aquarium before you leave on holiday, and your goldfish will remain well fed until you return. A chart on the back of each pack tells you how many sticks to add, depending on the number of goldfish and the length of time you are away.

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