Aqaurium Internal Filters

Internal aquarium filters help and advice

An aquarium essential

A filtration system is essential to keep your fish tank running smoothly. The purpose of a filter is to remove excess food, decaying matter, dangerous chemicals and fish waste products from the water. We offer a range of fantastic internal aquarium filters from top brands like Aqua One, Eheim and Juvel.

What are internal aquarium filters?

Internal filters are the most basic and widely sold type of aquarium filters and they're great if you don't have space outside your aquarium for more equipment. An internal filter sits on the edge of your fish tank with the outlet just below the water surface. Water is drawn up into the filter and then taken through filter media which strains it before it is then returned to your tank.

Why should I buy internal aquarium filters?

Internal aquarium filters take up little space and are generally less costly than external filters. They are super-easy to set up and rarely require extra components, with the exception of filter replacements.

What are the main types of internal aquarium filters?

The biggest difference in the internal aquarium filter range is between the different filter media and filtration methods. Different filter media is better suited to different types of waste matter and will allow different sizes of particles to get through. Some filters are solely designed for freshwater or marine aquariums while others can handle both, this is normally indicated in the specifications of each model.

What should I look for?

It's key that you check the compatibility of your filter with the rest of your tank. First, you need to ensure that your filter is right for the type of water in your tank, a solely freshwater filter could be very damaging to a marine water tank. You also need to check the amount of water your filter can process as a filter can only take so much water through it - most filters have a suggested upper and lower limit when it comes to tank size to help you figure this out.