Swell Aquarium Phosphate Remover

Manages phosphate levels within your aquarium

At a glance...
  • Prevents algae and reduces levels of phosphate and nitrate
  • Suitable for use in freshwater aquariums
  • Extra concentrated making it better than other equivalent phosphate removers
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What is Swell Aquarium Phosphate Remover?

The Swell Aquarium Phosphate Remover is a concentrated product that is used to remove phosphate and turbidity from your freshwater aquariums. These are problems are very dangerous and are caused by bacterial and biological growth, such as the decomposition of plant leaves and food scraps. This can lead to higher levels of nitrate and phosphate, as well as an increase of algae growth

What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • Removes phosphate from your aquarium
  • Inhibits growth of algae as it starves the algae of its food source
  • Increases the amount of oxygen available for your fish
  • How do I use this treatment?

    To use Swell Aquarium Phosphate Remover, shake the container well. Then, add 4ml (1 capful is equal to 5ml) of the product to every 100 litres of water every day until the problem with phosphates is resolved. The phosphate level in freshwater should not exceed 0.3-0.5mg/l, and it is important to dose Swell Aquarium Phosphate Remover until the phosphate level reaches the desired value. You should monitor the phosphate levels every day during treatment using commercially available test kits. Before and after using Swell Aquarium Phosphate Remover, you should thoroughly siphon the gravel and do a partial water change of at least 20%, using Swell Aquarium Dechlorinator and Swell Aquarium Biological Starter for the new water you add. It is important to test for phosphates at least once a week and keep them at the recommended levels in order to prevent continuous algae growth.

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