Swell Planted Aquarium Iron

Concentrated professional iron fertiliser

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  • Promotes plant growth and photosynthesis
  • Suitable for use in freshwater aquariums with live aquatic plants
  • Accentuates plant colours and prevents chlorosis
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What is Swell Planted Aquarium Iron?

The Swell Planted Aquarium Iron is a fertiliser that contains a high concentration of ferrous gluconate (20,000mg/l). This makes it easily absorbed by the plants so they can gain the benefits and nutrients quicker than other iron fertilisers. Iron is very useful for plants as it is essential in several metabolic and enzymatic processes. This iron fertiliser is also completely harmless to fish and shrimp so you don't have to worry about harming them when adding this product into your tank.

Why is an Iron supplement needed for an aquarium?

Plants cannot be diverted from old leaves to young leave due to it being immobile in plants, meaning that deficiency's will effect newer leaves and cause them to develop a yellower colour. Iron is particularly useful as it strengthens chlorophyll which promotes photosynthesis and a lack of iron leads to chlorosis, which is the yellowing of the leaves and can even cause the stems to become short and thin and eventually die.

How does this treatment benefit your plants?

  • Provides an important element in many metabolic and enzymatic processes
  • Helps promote photosynthesis and prevents against chlorosis
  • Completely harmless to your fish and shrimp

How do you use this treatment?

To use Swell Planted Aquarium Iron, you should first shake the container well. Then, add 2.5 ml (half a capful) of the fertiliser to every 100 litres of water twice a week. This will help to maintain the optimal iron level of 0.1 mg/l, which you can measure using commercially available test kits. It is recommended to use Swell Planted Aquarium Iron in combination with other Swell fertilisers such as the Swell Planted Aquarium Booster.

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