We also supply inert sand to avoid the pH of the water from being affected. We also prefer to supply pre-washed and dye-free sand which won't give off powder or pollute the aquarium water, keeping your tank at its best.

Although all our sand is pre-washed, we advise washing it again before placing it in your aquarium, as if any bacteria survived the process it may have developed. Washing inert sand is good practice.

Another way of recreating a natural environment is through the inclusion of live plants. Live plants can benefit from Co2 and planting equipment in order to thrive.

We know that you are keen to get your substrate into the tank and get everything set up perfectly, so we don't want to hold you back. That's one of the reasons we offer Next Working Day delivery options and if you order before 3pm on weekdays we even send your order out the very same day!