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  • Grey granite aquarium sand suitable for all aquariums
  • Pre-washed, natural 0.2mm-0.7mm grains
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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Professional quality, unique aquarium substrate sand sustainably sourced and 100% natural. Suitable for use in all aquaria types.

This natural grey granite quartz-based sand features a sub-rounded particle shape and doesn't affect water quality thanks to its inert nature. This makes it an ideal substrate for all aquariums, and in particular, mimics many of the lighter coloured South East Asian riverbeds and lakes. A perfect substrate for those who wish for an on-trend tonal look to their aquarium transitional between our Musumi White and Lawa Black sand.

The grading and shape of our Grey Granite Sand ensures that there are no harsh "gritty bits" making the sand kind to all catfish and bottom dwelling life.

  • Come pre-washed, graded and kiln dried
  • Mixture of 0.2mm-0.7mm sized grains
  • Non artificial, naturally coloured
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