Oxygen Test Kits

Oxygen Test Kits Help and Advice

Measure the oxygen value reliably and precisely

All living organisms, even plants, require oxygen to survive and thrive. A low oxygen concentration will cause the aquarium's inhabitants to slowly suffocate making them increasingly likely to become ill. Our range of oxygen test kits from leading brands such as Tetra and Salifert enable you to easily measure oxygen levels in your aquarium to ensure that you are providing suitable conditions.

What are oxygen test kits?

Oxygen test kits allow you to obtain accurate readings about the oxygen levels in your aquarium. Oxygen is vital for your fish to breathe in their aquatic environment, and tests will let you know if it's time to take steps to add more oxygen.

Why might I buy oxygen test kits?

Maintaining correct oxygen levels is an essential part of running a healthy fish tank. Fish, just like other living beings, need oxygen for respiration. Additionally, many plants in your aquarium will also need oxygen to facilitate photosynthesis.

What are the main types of oxygen test kits?

Using the Tetra Oxygen Test Kit will help you to accurately pinpoint the level of oxygen in your aquarium. Renowned for their aquatic expertise, this test is designed for optimum performance. The Salifert Oxygen Profi Test Kit is ideal to test the amount of oxygen in a reef or marine aquarium. Corals, fish and other marine life need a very high level of oxygen, due to the low solubility in natural seawater. To maintain healthy growth and development it's important to routinely test levels and act accordingly.

What features should you look for?

Testing weekly with one of our efficient oxygen kits will mean that you can always make sure that your aquarium is perfectly healthy. Everything you need is included in the kits we stock. They are incredibly quick, giving a reliable reading in just a few minutes, on a scale from 2 - 14mg/l.