eSHa Aqua-Check Test Strips Kit

Quick and easy testing of water parameters

At a glance...
  • Monitors 5 different values for good water quality
  • Suitable for aquarium and pond water
  • Easy to determine how healthy your aquarium is
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What is eSHa Aqua-Check Test Strips Kit?

eSha Aqua-Check Test Strips Kit is a quick and easy water testing kit. Good water quality is essential for the fish and plants in your aquarium. Regular testing of water quality values helps ensure fish live healthy, happy, and long lives. With the eSHa Aqua Quick Test you can monitor five values which are crucial for good water quality: pH (acidity), KH (carbonate hardness), GH (general hardness), NO2 (nitrite) NO3 (nitrate). These values determine how healthy your aquarium is. Abnormal values can cause problems such as disease, algae blooms, abnormal growth, and reproduction issues.

Key Features:

  • Quick water quality testing strips
  • Comes as a pack of 50 tests
  • Easy to use and read
  • Monitors pH, KH, GH, NO2 and NO3
  • Easy way to monitor your water parameters
  • Gives you time to take corrective action against issues

What affects the water quality in my aquarium?

Water quality is the result of many factors such as: plants, fish, aquarium volume etc. as well as external factors such as overfeeding, type of water added, the filter used and duration and amount of lighting etc. Regular use of eSHa Aqua-Check Quick Test allows you to spot water quality problems in time to take corrective action. Simply dip the test strip in your aquarium or pond and compare the colours on the strip with the colour chart on the container.

Do I need to test my aquarium water?

It is necessary to regularly check the parameters of your aquarium water. Regular testing and monitoring allows for early detection, giving you plenty of time to correct these issues before any further problems are caused. This can not only help keep your aquatic creatures from getting sick but will also save you money on health treatments and medicines. When you are cycling your aquarium, however, daily water testing will be required. The eSHa Aqua-Check Quick Test Kit provides the convenience of having the ability to test 5 different values in 1 rather than having to individually purchase multiple kits.

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