Interpet Easy Test Complete Aquarium Dip Test Kit

Easy to use nitrite, nitrate, pH, water hardness and ammonia test strips

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  • Easy test kit for ammonia, pH and water hardness
  • Includes a total of 60 tests to keep you stocked up
  • Strips offer instant and accurate test results
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This is the perfect way to keep an eye on my aquarium and make sure it's always at its best.

What is the Interpet easy test complete aquarium dip test kit?

The Interpet Easy Test Complete Kit is a brilliant general test kit for aquarium keepers of all skill levels. Containing thirty ammonia test strips and thirty Nitrite, Nitrate, pH and water hardness test strips, it has everything you need to keep an eye on the chemical composition of your water and avoid poor water quality issues. With this test kit, you can quickly identify any problem lurking in your aquarium water and then find an appropriate course of action to return to your aquarium's standard chemistry. Each kit takes less than a minute to test your aquarium water and requires no liquid mixing.

Why should I buy the Interpet Easy Test Complete Kit?

With this kit, you can ensure your aquarium water is always at its best and avoid many water issues. It lets you easily test for dangerous levels of many common aquarium contaminants, simply dip the aquarium test strips into your tank for one second and you’ll have all the results you need within a minute. One of the key features of the kit is a handy information leaflet, featuring advice on how to fix any issues with the chemistry within your tank. In the guide, you will also find detailed instructions on how to determine the optimal conditions for your aquarium water quality and which tests to perform on your water regularly.

What is included in the Interpet Easy Test Complete Kit?

This kit includes:

  • Thirty ammonia test strips to detect dangerous levels of harmful chemicals produced by waste.
  • Thirty Nitrite, Nitrate, pH and water hardness tests to detect common problems within your water.
  • An expertly written guide on how to conduct each test and what needs to be done to fix common problems.

Why should I test for the ammonia concentration and pH of my aquarium?

Fish are extremely sensitive to the ammonia concentration and pH of water and will only be at their best in the right conditions, making these test kits an important tool for all fish keepers. Ammonia is produced by waste and can be extremely harmful to fish health while also increasing the pH of your water. The optimum pH will often be slightly different for each fish breed, but most tend to be at their best in neutral water (pH 7) while being intolerant of high and low pH conditions.



Test strips included?

Yes, 30 x ammonia and 30 x Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, GH and KH

Guide included?


Suitable aquarium size


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