Aquarium Dechlorinators

Aquarium Dechlorinators Help and Advice

Combat chlorine in your aquarium

Declorinators turn your ordinary hard tap water into aquarium friendly water, by removing the chloramine, chlorine and toxic heavy metals which are harmful to fish. They are ideal for use when setting up a new aquarium or during a partial water change. Our range of top quality aquarium dechlorinators includes products from top brands like NT labs, Fluval and API.

What are aquarium dechlorinators?

Dechlorinators help to ensure that your tap water is safe for your aquarium. Although ordinary tap water is perfectly safe for human consumption, aquarium water needs to be purified in order for fish to keep any tank inhabitants healthy.

Why might I buy aquarium dechlorinators?

Water conditioners and dechlorinators neutralise a number of impurities within ordinary tap water, including chlorines and chloramines, as well as ammonia, heavy metals and copper. Tap water puts your fish at risk from poisoning and chemical burns, so dechlorinators are a must for all fish keepers who don't have a RO unit.

What are the main types of aquarium dechlorinators?

Without the use of a fish tank dechlorinator, chemicals can upset the balance of the biological bacteria in your tank and ill health for your fish. Tetra AquaSafe dissolves quickly in the aquarium water and offers long-term health benefits for all aquarium inhabitants. It is suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums and is recommended whenever setting up a new aquarium or carrying out a water change. Some water conditioners also replace the slime coating and add electrolytes to the water, while boosting the alkalinity of the water and reducing the stress levels of the fish.

What accessories should I buy with aquarium dechlorinators?

Another way to strip water of its chemicals is by investing in a RO unit which will help to purify the water in large quantities but for smaller tanks it's best to use the products on offer in this section.