Marine Aquarium Additives

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Maintenance for marine fish tanks

Marine aquariums are notoriously difficult when it comes to maintaining the delicate balances of chemicals within the tank, but the additives we carry keep your saltwater aquarium at its very best. We stock additives from many top aquarium brands including Dr Tim's, Aquaforest and Red Sea.

What are marine aquarium additives?

Marine aquarium additives help replicate a natural habitat in your marine tank, keep your saltwater aquarium at its very best and encourage healthy growth. They help to treat and prevent a variety of fishkeeping issues and diseases.

Why might I buy marine aquarium additives?

The Marine Additives from Swell UK come at discounted prices and are designed to give you a helping hand in keeping your marine aquarium at its best by performing chemical and biological functions, such as coral feeding and maintenance as well as magnesium and iodine top-ups.

What are the main types of marine aquarium additives?

Aquarium additives and treatments are essential for any aquarium. There will be times when treatments and medications are needed for disease and other problems associated with marine aquariums. Aquaforest Reef Mineral Salt is an agent for maintaining constant levels of minerals in reef aquariums, correct levels will encourage fast growth and enhance colours. Dr Tim's One & Only live nitrifying bacteria to eliminate new tank syndrome and treat nitrite and ammonia levels in your marine aquarium.

What features to look out for?

Ensure that the additive you choose can handle the volume of water in your tank. Most products we sell come in ml to give you a good idea of how much treatment can be added.