CaribSea Hawaiian Black Gravel

A unique Hawaiian aquarium foundation gravel

At a glance...
  • Black aquarium gravel suitable for marine aquariums
  • Pre-washed live sand with 0.25mm-3.5mm grains
  • Arag-alive substrate suppresses new tank syndrome
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Hawaiian Black gravel is suited to marine tanks. It's ready to work, clears quickly, and contains millions of live bacteria to cycle super fast and create a natural biological balance. Arag-Alive substrates suppress the dreaded "new tank syndrome", compresses the ammonia cycle, and discourages nuisance algae. In fact, independent labs prove Arag-Alive cycles days faster than other brands of live sand.

Key Features:

Typical Size: 0.25 - 3.5mm
Average Density: 80 pounds per cubic foot

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