CaribSea LifeRock Rocks

Get the look of an established reef straight away

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  • Infused with bacteria using AragAlive technology
  • Free of pests and no curing required
  • Available in various shapes and sizes
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What are CaribSea LifeRock Rocks?

CaribSea LifeRock Rocks are bacteria-infused live rocks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are 100% natural and sustainably harvested from ancient carbonate reefs. Using AragAlive technology, they’ve been infused with bacteria that will kickstart your saltwater aquarium. They also have a whopping 50% void space, meaning there’s tons of surface area for water-purifying beneficial bacteria to colonise and establish themselves.

Each piece of CaribSea LifeRock has multiple aragonite coatings that not only increase its macro and micro porosity, but also give it the soft, muted colours of established reef rock. LifeRock also comes without hitchhikers, organics, or algae, so there’s no curing required. Simply add it to your new aquarium and get the look of an established reef from day one.

What type of CaribSea LifeRock Rocks are available?

We stock four varieties of CaribSea LifeRock: Nano Original, Shapes, Small, and Assorted. All of these varieties are available to purchase in bulk boxes that contain multiple pieces.

  • Nano Original Small, irregular-shaped pieces, perfect for adding texture to your reefscape and building out structures.
  • Shapes Each box contains two ~12” arches with frag holes, one original cave, and one donut. Together these make a stunning, mini reefscape.
  • Small Small, irregular-shaped pieces that are just a little bit bigger than Nano Original pieces. They can add texture or be used as building blocks.
  • Assorted This box has everything you’ll need to create a reefscape: two 12” arches, three ledges, one donut, one cave, one fancy branch cluster, one jar of aquascaping cement, and 7kg of Nano Original pieces.

As natural products, no two pieces of LifeRock are the same. All sizes are approximate.

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