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Ciano Aquarium 60 LED

A complete 58 litre, 60cm freshwater fish tank with high-quality natural lighting

At a glance...
  • A complete 58 litre, 60cm tropical aquarium
  • Built-in internal filter and 50W heater
  • Canopy features handy feeding hatch and LED lighting system
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The Ciano Aquarium 60 is an incredibly popular starter aquarium as it comes with everything you need to make an impressive aquascape.

What is the Ciano Aquarium 60 LED?

The Ciano Aquarium 60 LED aquarium is an outstanding 58 litre, 60cm tropical or coldwater aquarium. The tank comes complete with all the hardware you’ll need to get up and running, including a built-in adjustable 50W heater thermostat, LED lighting and an internal filter with complementary media and spray bar. With all of this already installed, you just need to add the substrate, decor and dechlorinated tap water to be fish-ready.

What are the features of this aquarium?

This aquarium range boasts an internal power filter system, Ciano CF80, with a spray bar which is designed to offer mechanical, biological and chemical filtration to maintain perfect water quality. The filter media is split into several layers for easy cleaning without losing any of the good bacteria colonies that will develop. The filter itself also features a built-in 50W heater with adjustable output to help you create the ideal water conditions for your aquarium.

At the top of the tank, the canopy has integrated, Ciano CLA60, 8W LED lighting to encourage plant growth and vibrant fish colouration. The lighting is efficient and easy on energy bills, keeping running costs low. There are also fittings to add additional lighting as required so you can increase the UV for plant growth. Finally, there's also a hatch built into the canopy for quick feeding, without the need of removing the entire hood.

Even the tank itself is impressive, with a raised base, allowing it to be placed anywhere without an aquarium mat. The 4mm glass construction features polished corners that offer a better overall look and greater safety. 

What do I get with this aquarium?

To help those discovering fish keeping, this aquarium kit comes with a few helpful extras on top of the hardware including chemical and mechanical foam filter media for the filtration system, Ciano Water Foam M 30PPI and Ciano Water Clear & Protection Cartridge M. This gives you the majority of the hardware and supplies you need to start an aquarium, however, you will still need to stock up on substrate and decor to complete your aquascape.



Aquarium type Freshwater (coldwater/tropical)
Brand Ciano
Colour Black/White
Cover Hinged with a provision to attach two LED light units.
Dimensions 60cm x 30cm x 33.5cm
Filter Ciano CF80 - Internal filter with mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
Filter Dimensions 4.3cm x 6.2cm x 18.5cm
Filter Media Water Foam M 30PPI and Water Clear & Protection cartridge M
Filter Spray Bar? Yes
Guarantee 2 years
Heater Internal 50W with an adjustable thermostat
Lighting CLA60 - LED lighting
Lighting Colour Temperature 6300K (white spectrum)
Lighting Wattage 8W
Lighting Voltage 18vDC with converter
Lighting Protection Index IP67
Number of Plugs 3 (LED lighting, heater and filter)
Other Hardware No
Power Cable Length (Lighting) 165cm
Power Cable Length (Heater) 110cm
Power cable Length (Filter) 135cm
Pump Output 380 lph
Volume 58l
Weight 9.43kg
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