Ciano Emotions Pro 150 Mystic

An elegant tank with lighting, filtration, and a sleek cabinet

At a glance...
  • Total aquarium capacity: 300L
  • Includes cabinet, filter, light and more
  • Dimensions: 149.2 x 39.8 x 81.8cm
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What is Ciano Emotions Pro 150 Mystic?

Ciano Emotions Pro 150 Mystic is an aquarium tat combines elegance with technology. A contemporary cabinet that comes in the colour mystic comes included, as does a range of other equipment and accessories thatll help you to get your aquarium up and running, like a built-in filtration system, an LED light and more.

The Ciano Emotions Pro 150 comes in the colour mystic and is paired with a matching mystic cabinet, with a sleek finish and modern style, this colour is sure to fit right into your living space.

Key Features:

  • CFBIO XL Filtration System - provides three-stage filtration (chemical, biological, mechanical) and keeps your water clean and crystal clear, includes built-in heater
  • Ciano LED System - powerful and adjustable LED light bar ensues greater light output with less power consumption
  • Spacious 300L Aquarium - ultra-clear glass aquarium with enough room for a thriving community of tropical or coldwater fish
  • Robust Cabinet - solidly built cabinet supports the aquarium and provides ample space for storing fish food and accessories
  • Aluminium Frames - the aquarium is manufactured with excellent quality materials, including lacquered aluminium frames

How does the Ciano CFBIO XL Filtration System work?

This aquarium is equipped with a CFBIO XL Ciano Biological Filtration System, built into the back of the aquarium. The filter is fully equipped with a high-performance motor (850 L/H), an efficient heater and several layers of specialised filter media (2x Water Clear & Protection XL, and 1x Water Pad XL) for chemical, biological and mechanical filtration.

What does this Ciano Emotions Pro 150 kit include?

This kit comes with everything youll need to get started, including two of the most important pieces of equipment for any aquarist: an aquarium and a dedicated cabinet. This kit also includes the following:

  • 1x CFBIO XL Biological Filter
  • 1x LED Lighting System
  • 1x Converter LED
  • 1x Water Pump 850 lph
  • 1x Heater 300W
  • 2x Water Clear & Protection XL
  • 1x Water Foam XL
  • 1x Water Foam Coarse XL
  • 1x Water Pad XL


Model Aquarium Dimensions Aquarium + Cabinet Dimensions Aquarium Capacity Glass Thickness
Emotions Pro 150 149.2 x 39.8 x 61 cm 149.2 x 39.8 x 81.8 cm 300L 10mm
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