Ciano Emotions Pro 60 Black

A compact black cabinet and 108 litre aquarium combination

At a glance...
  • Combination aquarium and black cabinet for all aquarium types
  • Includes lighting, filter, media and heater
  • Designed to hold a 108 litre aquarium
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The Ciano Emotions Pro 60 Black comes in a choice of colours, with either matching cabinets or wood with matching trims, so you can get the perfect set up for your home. The EN Pro 60 is a huge 108l, but is also available in larger EN Pro 80, 100 and 120 options if you're looking for something a little bigger.

Complete with everything you need to get started, just add decor and substrate to complete the look! The CFBIO XL filtration system offers optimum biological filtration, with a great capacity and efficiency to ensure your aquarium is kept at its' best. Equipped with mechanical, biological and chemical filtration it features easy to use replacement cartridges, that you just replace as required, and with the Ciano App, you can get free reminders of when that is, ensuring the filter is always work at the optimum rate. The heater slots into the unit as well, meaning you have less unsightly equipment and wires to deal with, whilst offering a consistent and even heating for all the water as it passes through the filter.

The LED lighting included is economic and adjustable, with the new CLE60 light system ensuring a greater light with less consumption of resources. At only 18w, it comes with a complete IP67 safety rating, so is fully safe for aquatic use, and produces a colour temperature of 6500K, with a 1650 luminous flux.

The Aquarium itself includes a black lacquered aluminum trim on top and bottom to match the cabinet, which comes in a matching full Black. There is a handy feeding port for easy access for daily feeding.

Key Features

  • 108l Black Aquarium, with cabinet options available
  • Ciano CFBIO XL Filtration Unit, with biological, mechanical and chemical filtration
  • 100w Ciano heater
  • Economical Ciano CLE60 LED Light Unit
  • Dimensions are 61.2cm x 40.2cm x 138cm (L x D x H)
  • Quality aluminium frame
Palletised delivery Yes
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