D&D Titanium Heaters

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Keep your aquarium at the ideal temperature with D&D's Titanium Heaters. Manufactured in Germany from high-quality titanium tube, these heaters are shatterproof, seawater proof and virtually indestructible.


  • Titanium Heater 100w
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  • Titanium Heater 200w
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  • Titanium Heater 300w
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  • Titanium Heater 600w
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  • Heater Suction Cup Holder (Pack of 2)
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Product Information

D&D's Titanium Heaters are high quality products and built to last. Titanium is one of the best conductors and delivers heat to aquarium water substantially better than conventional glass heaters.

  • The D-D Titanium Heaters can be fully immersed in any position under water.
  • All titanium heating elements are grounded and meet the necessary CE requirements.
  • Non corrosive in seawater.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Suction Cap Material - Neoprene
  • Cable Length - 1.5m
  • Electrical Connection - UK Plug 230 V 50 Hz

Please Note: D&D Titanium Heaters do NOT have a thermostat and therefore require a suitable temperature controller such as the TC125 to regulate temperature.

Product Dimensions (L x W) Aquarium Size
Titanium Heater 100w 250 mm x 25 mm Up to 100 litres
Titanium Heater 200w 250 mm x 25 mm Up to 200 litres
Titanium Heater 300w 250 mm x 25 mm Up to 300 litres
Titanium Heater 600w 350 mm x 25 mm Up to 600 litres

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