D&D Titanium Heaters

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Keep your aquarium at the ideal temperature with D&D's Titanium Heaters. Manufactured in Germany from high-quality titanium tube, these heaters are shatterproof, seawater proof and virtually indestructible.


  • Titanium Heater 150w
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  • Titanium Heater 250w
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  • Titanium Heater 350w
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  • Titanium Heater 650w
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  • Heater Suction Cup Holder (Pack of 2)
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Product Information

D&D's Titanium Heaters are high quality products and built to last. Titanium is one of the best conductors and delivers heat to aquarium water substantially better than conventional glass heaters. These are suitable for use in marine, reef and freshwater systems, making them ideal for any aquarium.

Manufactured from high-quality components, that are shatterproof, saltwater proof and virtually indestructible, these are high quality heaters that are designed to last. They are fully submersible, and feature a continuous titanium jacket which is non-corrosive in saltwater and also an excellent conductor, so the heat is delivered to the aquarium water substantially better than standard glass heaters.

  • The D-D Titanium Heaters can be fully immersed in any position under water.
  • All titanium heating elements are grounded and meet the necessary CE requirements.
  • Non corrosive in seawater.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Suction Cap Material - Neoprene
  • Cable Length - 1.5m
  • Electrical Connection - UK Plug 230 V 50 Hz

Please Note: D&D Titanium Heaters do NOT have a thermostat and therefore require a suitable temperature controller such as the D&D Dual Heating and Cooling Controller to regulate temperature.

Product Dimensions (L x W) Aquarium Size
Titanium Heater 150w 250mm x 25mm Up to 150 litres
Titanium Heater 250w 250mm x 25mm Up to 250 litres
Titanium Heater 350w 250mm x 25mm Up to 350 litres
Titanium Heater 650w 350mm x 25mm Up to 650 litres

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