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D&D H2Ocean Pro+ Salt 23kg

Natural salt to restore the natural balance of main and trace elements

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  • Natural salt with trace elements
  • Specially formulated for reef aquariums
  • Balanced formula of magnesium, calcium, alkalinity
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H2Ocean Pro+ Marine Salt from D&D is specially formulated for reef aquariums and can be purchased in a sturdy 23kg bucket.

The blend is produced by a solar evaporative system which produces a totally natural product that contains all of the main and minor trace elements that are essential for beautifully strong corals and coralline algae.

This boosts Calcium and Magnesium levels that are depleted through normal absorption in a busy aquarium. These are vital for corals to develop a healthy skeleton and maintain vibrant colours and formations.

Following much research and study, this marine salt has been developed to dissolve quickly, aiding rapid absorption and therefore regulate the balance within the tank quickly.

This salt is also free from Nitrate and Phosphates, so there is a lower risk of algae formations which can be detrimental to reef set ups.

Key Features:

  • Specialised formula.
  • Restores the natural balance of main and trace elements.
  • Ideal for reef aquariums.
  • Free from nitrates and phosphates.
  • Dissolves easily.

Also available in the H2Ocean Dosing Formula.

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