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Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Filter Media

A revolutionary new filtration media for aquariums

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  • Superb mechanical and biological filter media
  • Increased flow rate, protection for bio-film and cleaning
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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Created by award winning pond and aquarium manufacturers Evolution Aqua, this fantastic new filter media is called K1 Micro and it is specifically designed for use in bead filters, conventional pond filters and aquarium filters.

K1 Micro Media is the smaller version of Evolution Aqua's incredibly successful K1 Media, the market leading filter media in aquaculture filtration. K1 Micro shares the same wheel shaped design as K1 Media, but the Micro version is manufactured to smaller size increasing the surface area to 950m2 per metre3.

This wheel shaped design creates the most effective surface for the nitrification process to take place, reducing your ammonia levels and leaving you with a better chemical balance in your water. As your K1 Micro media begins to mature, nitrifying bacteria colonises the "quiet areas" of each unit of this media, optimising the amount of bacteria in your filter.

The Nitrogen Cycle in you water

That's how the media works - This colonisation of your media by nitrifying bacteria breaks down the Ammonia (NH3) in your water (producing by your fish and other bio-waste) down to Nitrites (NO2), and then converts those nitrites into relatively harmless Nitrates (NO3). This creates a well-balanced biological equilibrium to be sustained in your pond or aquarium, keeping your fish healthy and the water crystal clear.

K1 MICRO - Perfect for Bead Filters

Because of the small size of K1 Micro media, it makes an ideal replacement for beads in a bead filter. Not only does the 950m2 per m3 protected surface area help to improve nitrification, water quality and clarity, but K1 Micro can offer many more benefits when compared to standard K1 Media and beads.

Key Features:

  • Increased protection for the bio-film
  • Improved solids handling - packed tightly together with areas for solid particles and fines to be captured leading to improved mechanical filtration.
  • Increased flow rate
  • Reduced back pressure
  • Improved cleaning - Leaves more of your bio film intact.
  • Semi buoyant media

K1 MICRO - In Aquariums

Due to the smaller size that retains a large surface area, this new media is perfect for adding to all internal and external aquarium filters, hang-on filters, box filters, sumps and reactors, aiding the nitrogen cycle for a clearer tank.

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