Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Filter Media

A revolutionary new biological filter media for aquariums

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  • Superb mechanical and biological filter media
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What is Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Filter Media?

Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Filter Media is a fantastic new filter media created to offer the most surface area possible in bead filters, conventional pond filters and aquarium filters. The filter media is a smaller version of the popular K1 media and Evolution Aqua have kept the same wheel-shaped design and protected surface area in the centre to aid in both mechanical and biological filtration. By shrinking the design of the media, the surface area of the media has also been increased to 950m2 per metre3. 

You can use this bio media in all aquarium filters by simply placing it in a media bag. The media bag will then replace existing static media and sit within the same chamber.

What are the benefits of Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Filter Media?

This wheel-shaped design has been created to offer the maximum active surface area and is treated to be the most effective surface for the nitrification process to take place, reducing your ammonia levels. As your the colonies within your media grow and mature, they will  enter the increased protected surface area, optimising the number of beneficial bacteria in your filter.

How does biological filtration work?

Biological filtration uses colonies of nitrifying bacteria to break down Ammonia (NH3) that has been produced by fish waste and uneaten food. The Ammonia is broken down into Nitrites (NO2) and then converted into Nitrates (NO3) which are much safer for fish. This will return your water to a well-balanced biological equilibrium, ensuring your fish are happier and healthier.

Why is Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Filter Media good for aquariums?

Although EvolutionAqua K1 Micro Filter Media can be used in a pond filter or bead filter, it is particularly well suited to aquarium use. It can be added to all internal and external aquarium filters, hang-on filters, box filters, sumps and reactors. It will easily replace existing filter media and is a semi-buoyant media, making it much more effective than static filter media. 



Brand Evolution Aqua


Model Volume
K1MICRO25L 25l
K1MICRO50L 50l
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