Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets

A nano fish food for small-mouthed tropical fish

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  • Multi-coloured, granulated pellets
  • Great for tetras, barbs and small mouthed fish
  • Each granule is approximately 1-3 mm in size
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What are Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets?

These Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets are designed to provide tropical fish with a vegetable protein mix to encourage healthy growth rates. The premium marine pellets contain a special formula of spirulina, krill and well-balanced amino acids offering complete and balanced nutrition. The high-quality fish meal boasts the beautiful rich colours of small tropical fish, creating a vibrant community.

What are the benefits of this fish food?

The easy-to-spot red granules in the feed are animal-origin granules made from fish meal and wrapped in a micro coating. The micro coating locks in amino acids and fibre which are vital for fish growth and energy in fish that require higher energy reserves. Each granule is approximately 1-3mm in size. This is a semi-floating food, which makes it ideal for mid and surface feeders alike. There is little waste, as the granules keep their shape in the water, locking the nutrients inside.

How do I feed my fish these pellets?

Feed 2-4 times per day, just the amount that your fish will completely consume within a 5 minute feeding period to avoid over-feeding. Always remove any uneaten food after a few minutes.



Brand Hikari


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FJ089 22g
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