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Hikari Tropical Micro Wafers

A daily diet for small and medium sized fish

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  • Slow sinking nutrient-rich wafer food promotes vivid colours
  • Packed with Krill and Spirulina
  • A daily diet for small and medium-sized tropical fish
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A brilliant tropical feed that my fish love, can't say better than that.

What are Hikari Tropical Micro Wafers?

Hikari's Tropical Micro Wafers are a miniature wafer food developed specifically for tropical fish. As a daily diet, it's excellent for small and medium-sized tropical fish including Tetras, Livebearers, Cichlid and Catfish. As the pellets float then absorb water and sink, it allows fish to feed from all levels of the aquarium.

What are the benefits of Hikari Tropical fish food?

This high-grade marine food contains Krill and Spirulina, both of which provide natural and vivid colour enhancement. Its high-quality marine and vegetable proteins facilitate better absorption, digestion, and nutrient retention. Wafers are easy to monitor and allow you to adjust the quantity fed to avoid overfeeding.

How often should I feed my fish wafer food?

If you have small or medium tropical fish, feed them micro wafer tropical food twice or three times daily. Feed only as much as your fish will completely consume within the feeding period of a few minutes. For less waste, uneaten food should be removed to maintain optimum water quality.



Product Size
Hikari Tropical Micro Wafers 20-45g

Nutritional Information

Crude protein Min. 46%
Crude fat Min. 8%
Crude fibre Min. 2%
Moisture Max. 10%
Ash Max. 13%
Phosphorus Min. 1%
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