JBL CombiFix

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Durable and amazingly useful for planted aquariums, these JBL CombiFix plant tongs allow you to move and maintain aquatic plants without having to introduce your hands into the tank.


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Product Information

Every move is perfect,

dDead plant leaves, small parts lost sunken in the ground or dead fish - With JBL's aquarium tools the removal of such things is effortless and you don't need to get wet.

A fluted tip gives you a perfect grip, our customers' wishes are the company's top priority. With its production location in Germany JBL not only demonstrates social responsibility, but also ensures its high product quality. Its research department and its worldwide expeditions into the habitats of the animals ensure that JBL sets the highest standards in its product innovations.
  • Professional work in aquariums without wet hands: plant tongs for fresh- and saltwater aquariums and terrariums
  • Dry arms: 46 cm long tongs for gripping dead plant leaves, sunken materials or dead fish
  • Best grip: slightly enlarged fluted tip for delicate work on plants
  • Easy cleaning: clean plastic tongs under running water
  • Package content: 1 plant tongs for aquariums

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