JBL M502 CO2 Set

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JBL M502 CO2 Sets featuring the tubing, carbon dioxide, diffusers and valves needed to create the perfect CO2 system for your aquatic flora in your planted aquarium, ready to be assembled.


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Product Information

Plants provide the aquarium with vital oxygen for the aquarium dwellers, prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce pathogens. The JBL plant fertiliser systems supply the plants with the main nutrient CO2 through the water. They absorb this through their leaves.

The system comes completely ready for connection. Screw the pressure reducer onto the CO2 storage cylinder. Connect the pressure reducer with the hose to the diffuser in the aquarium. The CO2 enters the aquarium and is dissolved in the water by the diffuser. The CO2 supply can be interrupted at night by adding a solenoid valve.

The storage cylinder is TÜV tested and is equipped with an over-pressure relief. Thanks to the check valve no water can enter the cylinder. The enclosed stand prevents the cylinder from falling over. The capacity of a CO2 system depends on various factors. The carbonate hardness, the quantity and species of the plants and the strength of the water surface movement are decisive. A 500 g cylinder which is not switched off by a solenoid valve during the night lasts with its default adjustment for about 4 months.

Plants don't need a 24 hour supply of carbon dioxide, so the included Night Shut Off Valve is perfect to cut off the provision, saving CO2 and energy too. Use it with a timer (not included) to set the most convenient time for you.

What's in the box?

  • Refillable 500g CO2 cylinder
  • Stand for gas bottle.
  • Precision pressure reducer.
  • Night switch-off (time switch sold separately)
  • Diffuser
  • Bubble counter
  • 3m hose
  • Backflow stop
  • CO2/pH test
  • For aquariums up to 600l

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    Date 02/01/2020 12:01pm
    JBL Proflora M502 CO2 Set
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    This kit works very well when you get one that has not been bashed, and actually works properly.