JBL Pro AquaTest KH Carbonate Hardness

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JBL Pro AquaTest KH is a quick and simple test to measure the carbonate hardness (KH) in freshwater and marine aquariums. This product replaces JBL's KH Test.


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Product Information

The well-being of aquarium inhabitants and the healthy growth of aquatic plants depend to a large extent on the KH level being kept as constant as possible. The carbonate hardness is one of the most important water values since it keeps the pH level stable. The KH should never drop below 4 °dKH. This is why it is important to regularly test your aquarium water with JBL's Pro AquaTest KH, to determine the hardness of your water so you can adjust accordingly with buffers or removers.

To use, fill the plastic cuvette with sample water, add reagent drop by drop until the colour changes from blue to yellow. Number of drops = level of carbonate hardness.

Usage: for setting up a new aquarium: once a week, afterwards once a month.

Box Contains: 1 KH quick test, incl. one reagent and plastic cuvette.

Recommended KH Values:

  • Freshwater aquarium (community aquarium): 5-12 °dKH
  • Lake Malawi/Lake Tanganyika aquarium: 7-20 °dKH
  • Plant aquarium with few fish (aquascaping): 3-8 °dKH
  • Marine aquarium: 7-10 °dKH
  • Pond: 7-10 °dKH

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    Date 30/05/2021 07:05am
    JBL Pro AquaTest KH Carbonate Hardness
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    Similar to other KH tests buf a little cheaper.