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JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Count Safe

CO2 bubble counter with built-in water backflow protection

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  • CO2 bubble counter with backflow protection
  • Provides ideal nutrition for plants
  • Easy to install
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The magnified, transparent tube allows you to see the number of bubbles produced and as such the levels of CO2 in your aquarium. It's great as an extra counter, or if the diffuser is concealed.

Ideal nutrition for plants:
The right CO2 concentration in the water is of great importance for aquarium plants. Carbon dioxide is the main nutrient for plants and promotes their growth. Plants use the CO2 for the photosynthesis and thus supply the water with essential oxygen. They prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce pathogens.

Even enrichment:
The magnifying glass in the transparent section enables an easier bubble counting for an exact dosing of the CO2 amount.

Easy to install:
Fill the bubble counter with water. Attach it with a hose to the CO2 system and to the diffuser (CO2 system and diffuser not included). Fix the bubble counter outside the aquarium with 4 suction cups on the glass or with 2 screws on the furniture.

The bubble counter has a hose screw connection and can easily be cleaned and filled thanks to the bayonet catch with O-ring. The correct CO2 amount varies from aquarium to aquarium and depends on the volume, the water movement and the planting of the aquarium. You can check the CO2 content by means of a CO2 test.

  • To adjust the CO2 level: bubble counter with a backflow stop for the exact dosing of the CO2 supply in the aquarium.
  • Fill bubble counter with water, connect with a hose to CO2 system and diffuser, fix outside the aquarium with 2 suction cups on the glass or 2 screws on the furniture.
  • Easy bubble check: CO2 bubbles are visible and countable, no backflow thanks to check valve, for all common CO2 systems.
  • Reliable hose screw connection prevents accidental loosening of the hoses.
  • Package contents: bubble counter for CO2 systems, CO2 CountSafe, dimensions: 105 x 175 x 40 mm.
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