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Juwel Compact Super Media (Rekord 60)

Ensure your aquarium remains crystal clear

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  • Super compact poly pad filter media
  • Fits into your existing Rekord 60 filter
  • 2 x activated charcoal sponges includes
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Juwel manufacture some of the best filter media around, which works perfectly in their range of fish tanks such as the Juwel Rio aquariums.

These Super Compact Poly Pads are made from fine polyester that will trap and gold dirt and debris to ensure that your aquarium remains crystal clear and looking its best. It also means other media lasts longer as the waste is already filtered before contact. (5 pads per box)

The Super Compact Carbon Sponges are a perfect companion for the Poly Pads. They will remove odours and cloudiness from the water, as well as any taints and medicine residues.

Dimensions : 10 x 7 x 5 cm

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