Lotus 40 watt UV Bulb

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The Lotus UV Bulbs fit nicely into Oasis and Lotus' filters as well as other branded filters


  • 40w UV Bulb
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Product Information

UV bulbs are ideal to eradicate the formation of algae cells and other unwanted elements in your aquarium or pond.

UV light treats algae and pathogens in the water and cloudy or green water problems can be resolved. The cells are forced together into a bigger mass, making them easier for the pond filter to remove. The pond water becomes clearer and provides the ideal habitat for fish and other pond inhabitants.

Lotus use only the highest materials in their replacement bulbs, and by using high-quality UVC lamps guarantees a long service life.

Product Information

  • Double ended tube with two pins at either end.
  • High UV output allows for greater algae control.
  • Can be used on: Oase, Blagdon, Fish Mate and many more

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