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Keeping a pond can be a rewarding and fun hobby for all ability levels. Whether you're planning a small decorative water feature or a pond-filled paradise full of fish, waterfalls and wildlife, we have everything you need at Swell UK. In our pound range, you'll find many industry-leading brands including Oase, Velda and Evolution Aqua.

What is a pond?

While they can be naturally occurring, most of the ponds Swell UK customers make are man-made. A pond can range in size from a square foot or two right up to anything as big as a lake (such as the commercial ponds found on a golf course). Ponds can contain fish and other wildlife like frogs, newts and toads, as well as water features, including fountains and waterfalls.

Why should I build a pond?

Ponds are proven to be relaxing, they can be a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. They also offer an educational opportunity to families with children and a talking point for guests and family members visiting your home. However, the most popular reason to build a pond is as a decoration, ponds showcase the natural beauty of water, fish and plants, combined they can be a spectacular focal point in any garden.

What are the pond categories?

We stock a wide range of pond products at Swell UK, these roughly breakdown into five categories; pond pumps & electricals, pond filtration, construction & maintenance, food treatments and planting & accessories. Pond pumps & electricals are made up of everything you need to create spectacular water features, oxygenise your pond, light it and heat it. Pond filtration is made up of the hardware you'll need to keep the water in your pond clean. Construction & maintenance is full of the building materials needed for pond keeping and upkeep. Food treatments offer all the products you will need to care for the fish in your pond. Finally, planting & accessories contain all the finishing touches that will make your pond stand out and round out your pond keeping kit.

What should I look for?

When buying pond products it's important to keep in mind the pond you want to build and its requirements. We have some helpful calculators to help you work out which products are useful to you including our pond volume calculator and our pond liner calculator. Be sure to check the specifications of every product you buy to ensure its compatibility with your pond and other hardware.