Swell Multi Pump Premium

Multi-purpose pond pumps suitable for external and internal use

At a glance...
  • Wide range of models, with max flow rates from 4,800-30,000 lph
  • Includes 10m power cable and filter basket
  • Multi-purpose pond pumps designed for use with water features

Excellent products and quick, efficient service.


What are these pond pumps?

This Swell Multi Pump Premium range includes a variety of multi-purpose pond pumps with varying flow rates, from 4,800 lph to 30,000 lph. These pond pumps are specially designed to run water features in your garden pond, like waterfalls and streams. They can also supply a pound fountain with water provided you fit them with a water fountain attachment kit.

These pond pumps are suitable for many other pond-related tasks too, whether that be supplying pond filters with pond water or simply improving circulation in your pond. They're made with versatility in mind and can be run internally (inside your pond) or externally (outside your pond).

Key Features:

  • Low maintenance and energy efficient
  • Flow rate = 4,800-30,000 lph
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Designed to supply water features, like waterfalls, streams, and fountains, with pond water
  • Comes with high-performance impeller and thermal cut-off function
  • Plastic strainer cage stops large waste solids passing through the pond pump
  • Partner with pond filters for a thriving, healthy pond 
  • 3-year guarantee

What are pond fountain pumps?

These pond pumps fall into a wide category of fountain pumps and water feature pumps. Like most other pond pumps, fountain pumps are primarly designed to pump a consistent supply of water to a filter and/or water feature.

What sets fountain pumps like these apart are that they use high pressure from centrifugal force created by their impellers to pump water against the force of gravity. This makes them great pond pumps for supplying water features, which often sit above the water level of your garden pond.

These kinds of pond pumps, when partnered with a fountain, feed water right back into your pond, rather than out of it. As water falls back into your pond, it gathers atmospheric oxygen and aerates your water column. A constant supply of oxygen not only benefits your pond fish, but all of the beneficial bacteria that lives inside your pond too. This boosts biological filtration and, in turn, helps you maintain a healthy pond.

How easy is it to clean these pond pumps?

These pond pumps come with a strainer cage that stops any large debris (or pond fish) from being sucked up by the impeller. After a while, though, small waste solids will build up and start to slow the pond pump's impeller down.

To fix this, just switch off your pond pump, detach the strainer cage, remove any built-up muck, and give everything a rinse in a bucket of pond water. This will also give you easy access to the pond pump's impeller, should it need servicing.

In short, these pond pumps are incredibly easy to clean - just make sure you clean it semi-regularly so that you preserve its longevity and avoid having to do a big, time-consuming clean at the end of every pond season. This is a great way to ensure a healthy pond year-round

What size pond pump do I need?

This Swell Multi Pump Premium range features seven different models, with increasing flow rates from 4,800 lph to 30,000 lph. We recommend choosing a pond pump that can turn over the total volume of your pond in an hour, or at least in two hours.

You should purchase a pond pump that meets the maximum flow rate of your filter at its height above pond level. The same applies for water features too, like waterfalls, streams, and fountains. As long as you select the right size pond pump, maintaining a healthy pond with one of these pond pumps will be a breeze.

For more information about how to choose the right size pond pump for your garden pond, check out our help guide here. Make sure you also check the specifications at the bottom of the page to find out the flow rates, max head heights, wattages, hose sizes, and dimensions of each Swell Multi Pump Premium model.

What comes with these pond pumps?

These pond pumps can be purchased on their own, in which case they come with just a pond pump, a 10m power cable, and a hosetail adapter, or with a pipe installation kit.

You can choose from two types of pipe installation kit, a 5m pipe installation kit or a 10m pipe installation. Each kit comes with a length of pond hose pipe, two hose clips to ensure a strong connection, and some anti-leak PTFE pipe fitting tape.

The hosetail adapter that comes included is suitable for multiple different hose sizes, though it's worth double checking the specifications below to make sure it's compatible with your pond filter.

Also, please note the following:

  • To comply with UK electrical legislation, these pond pumps are NOT supplied with a fitted plug. You'll have to purchase a fitted plug separately.
  • These pond pumps are not self-priming, you will need to prime them to ensure they function properly.
  • The pond pump's impeller is a consumable part that, over time, can wear down. This component is not covered by the guarantee on the pond pump. A spare can be purchased as and when required, though.


Energy efficiency A*
Cable length 10m
Thermal cut off Yes
Solids handling capacity None
Voltage 230V
Internal use Yes & external
Self priming No
Fitted plug To comply with UK electrical legislation, pond appliances can't be supplied with a fitted plug, so you'll need to purchase one separately or wire it into an outdoor plug socket.
Fountain heads included No
Suitable for waterfalls Only in clean water environments
Guarantee 3 years


Pump model Flow rate Max head height Power Hose size Dimensions
4800 4800lph 2.6m 35W 12,20,25mm 33.7 x 11 x 14.9cm
6500 6500lph 3.5m 65W 12,20,25mm 33.7 x 11 x 14.9cm
8500 8500lph 4.2m 95W 12,20,25mm 33.7cm x 11cm x 14.9cm
10000 10000lph 4.5m 115W 12,20,25mm 33.7 x 11 x 14.9cm
13000 13000lph 5m 130W 25,32,40mm 31.9cm x 12.1cm x 16.6cm
16000 16000lph 5.5m 180W 25,32,40mm 31.9cm x 12.1cm x 16.6cm
30000 30000lph 8.0m 970W 2" solvent 41.5cm x 17cm x 20.6cm


Pump model 4800 6500 8500 10000 13000 16000 30000
Max head height 2.6m 3.5m 4.2m 4.5m 5m 5.5m 8m
0.5m 4800lph 6500lph 8000lph 10000lph 13000lph 15500lph 24000lph
1m 3900lph 5750lph 7000lph 9000lph 12000lph 15000lph 23250lph
1.5m 3000lph 5000lph 6750lph 8200lph 11000lph 14000lph 22500lph
2m 1900lph 4000lph 6000lph 7350lph 10500lph 13500lph 21750lph
2.5m 500lph 3750lph 5000lph 6100lph 9750lph 12000lph 21000lph
3m - 2000lph 4000lph 4900lph 8100lph 11000lph 19750lph
3.5m - 500lph 2000lph 4000lph 7000lph 9750lph 18500lph
4m - - 1800lph 2100lph 5500lph 8000lph 17500lph
4.5m - - - 500lph 3000lph 6000lph 16000lph
5m - - - - 500lph 4000lph 14000lph
5.5m - - - - - 500lph 12250lph
6m - - - - - - 11000lph
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