Green Water Control

Green water control help and advice

Clear your pond water

Green water is caused by single-cell algae that are suspended in water. Together these cells create a 'pea soup' or green water effect. Our green water control range includes brands like EcoPond, Tetra and even Swell UK's own products.

What is green water control?

Our green water control kits contain enzymes, chemicals and bacteria to weaken, sink and kill green water algae. Most of the kits are safe to use around fishes so there's no need to remove your pondlife before treating the blanket weed.

Why should I buy green water control?

As many as five million algae cells per millimetre of pond water can overwhelm an untreated pond, which causes a lack of light and oxygen to plants and of course fish. Fish can become stressed in these conditions and prone to diseases. By using a green water control kit you can completely clear the water and ensure the health of your fish and pondlife.

What are the main types of green water control?

Our green water control solutions come in two main types, tablets and solutions. Tablets act similar to any fizzing medicine you add to water, bubbling and breaking down as soon as they make contact with the pond's surface. Solutions are liquids that must be added and mixed into the pond water to be effective.

What features should you look out for when buying green water control?

Be sure to check the amount of green water control you're purchasing and ensure that it's the right size for your pond, we sell a wide range of green water control kits and each is designed for a specific size of pond. If you own a large pond you may need to buy multiples of the same kit to tackle your green water issue.