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Pond fish food help and advice

Keep your fish happy and healthy

Swell UK carry a huge range of foods from all of the leading manufacturers such as Tetra and Nishikoi and our very own Swell range. Each of our high-quality fish foods is specially formulated to ensure your fish thrive. We stock a wide range of food types including flakes, pellets, sticks and holiday food.

What is pond fish food?

Pond fish food contains a variety of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that fish need to survive and grow in a pond habitat. Every fish is different and has different needs depending on its species and its stage in life so we stock a wide variety of fish food types to cater to them. Many fish prefer food in different forms as well, including pellets, flakes and sticks.

Why should I buy pond fish food?

If you're keeping fish in your pond you need to buy pond fish food. However, the more important question is why should you buy specially formulated food for each of your fish? With the right mixture of crucial vitamins and proteins, you can ensure your fish grow strong and healthy with bright scales and little stress - protecting them from disease.

What are the main types of pond fish food?

We stock a wide variety of pond fish food types including; bulk fish food, flake, Koi, mixed, pellets, sinking, sticks, treats, winter fish food, tadpole food and holiday food. Bulk fish food is just fish food in large amounts, ideal for stocking up. Flake food is dried floating food, which some fish prefer. Koi food is specially formulated for Koi species. Mixed food is designed to appeal to and benefit a wide variety of pond species. Pellets are larger solid foods that float on the surface of your pond. Sinking food is designed to fall to your pond bed for bottom-feeding fish. Sticks are another type of floating food suitable for fish of all sizes. Treats are one-off foods designed to be particularly tasty for your pond fish. Winter fish food is specially formulated for fish with slower metabolisms in the winter months. Tadpole food is designed to support the growth of tadpoles. Finally, holiday food is a large block of food that can be placed into your pond to feed you fish for a week or two while you're away.

What should I look for?

Ensure that whichever food you buy is suitable for your fish and that you have plenty to feed them regularly. Research is your greatest tool when buying pond fish food, find out as much as possible about the feeding habits of your fish species and invest in the food to make them flourish.