Spend and Save up to £18 this Christmas - SEE CODES.>

Spend and Save up to £18 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

Winter Pond Fish Foods

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Help and advice on shopping for: Winter Pond Fish Foods

Keep your fish happy and healthy over the colder months

Winter fish food provides your fish with slow-release energy to sustain them during their relatively inactive winter months, helping to boost their immune system to fight off winter infections. From energy-boosting, wheatgerm sticks to sinking pellets, find top-quality winter fish food here at Swell UK.

What is winter pond fish food?

In the colder months fish need a different type of food, as they move less in cold weather. It must be low in protein as the fish's metabolism slows down in winter. Wheatgerm is an ideal winter fish food for this purpose as it's low in protein and easy to digest, which also means it produces little waste.

Why should I buy winter fish food?

Winter pond fish food such as wheatgerm, is often supplemented with other vitamins and minerals to reserve your fish's energy and health over the winter months and ensure that when the warmer weather arrives, your fish are in the best condition.

What are the main types of winter pond fish food?

Wheatgerm is the most popular type of winter fish food. This premium condition food will keep koi and pond fish in good condition throughout the year.

What features should you look out for when buying winter fish food?

Winter pond fish food should contain a high level of wheatgerm, vitamin E, essential fatty acids and minerals which can be easily digested. Feeding pond fish a winter diet allows them to conserve energy reserves and be in much better condition when spring arrives.