Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm 6kg Bucket Medium Pellet

A perfect winter fish food for Koi

At a glance...
  • An all year-round Koi food made from wheatgerm
  • Medium pellet 5-6 mm
  • Contains bio moss, yeast extract, omega 6 and 3
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Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm is an all year round Koi food that is particularly good for the winter months when a fish needs less protein because the metabolism slows down.

This food can be used for not only Koi, but other pond fish too, making this a great food for a community pond. Wheatgerm is a low protein, high fibre food that ensures your fish have everything they need to reserve energy when growth isn't essential.

Incorporated into the formulation of the wheatgerm pellets is Bio Mos, which maximises the health and performance of fish and is derived from yeast. This improves the immune system and prolongs the life of your fish. Evolution Aqua's Wheatgerm also contain Omega 6 and 3 which are ideal to promote health and vitality as well as beautiful colours.

Added vitamins A, C and D3 work together to boost the immune system, overall health and good bone density for the best health possible.

Feeding Instructions: Feed your fish only food they can consume in a few minutes and remove any unwanted food. Do not feed below 4⁰C.

Key Features:

  • Ideal winter food
  • Medium pellet 5-6mm
  • Made friom wheatgerm
  • Contains Bio Mos, yeast extract
  • Contains Omega 6 and 3
  • Also contains meat meal and salmon oil for vitamins and minerals


Soya, Wheat, Meat and Bone Meal, Wheat Feed, Wheat Germ (min. 9%), Maize, Oats, Salmon Oil, Fish Meal, Minerals, Vitamins, Bio-Mos®

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