Pellet Pond Fish food

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Pellet Pond Fish Food Help and Advice

Help your fish flourish

Pond fish pellets are larger in size than pond sticks and flakes, so are ideal for medium to large pond fish. Pellet food is denser than pond sticks and therefore you will not need to feed it to your fish as often. Our range of pellet pond fish food includes top brands such as Hikari, Tetra, NT Labs and Nishikoi.

What is pellet pond fish food?

Pellet fish food floats on the surface of your pond and is ideal for the majority of fish. High in protein, pellet food is ideal for those fish that dwell at the bottom of your pond.

Why should I buy pellet pond fish food?

Pellet food supports a healthy immune system and promotes glowing colours too, so your fish will radiate vitality from within. Pellets soften quickly when they're dropped into the pond and are highly palatable.

What are the main types of pellet pond fish food?

Suitable for different seasons, diet and fish type, pellet pond fish food offers your fish the essential nutrients they need to grow and thrive. You can find colour enhancing, probiotic and growth pellet foods all at Swell UK.

What features should you look out for when buying pellet pond fish food?

To be certain that your fish are meeting all of their dietary needs, it is best to feed them high-quality protein pellets. These will also contain minerals which promote healthy growth, decrease the likelihood of disease and aid in building a strong immune system.