Pond Paint

It can only be used on a rendered surface, so any concrete render over brick or paving stones. However it will not work on bitumen, PVC or Butyl Rubber pond liners, it will not adhere to the material. (It will not erode the material however).

Some advice when painting a pond with Bondaglass Pond Paint.

Use the calculator above to work out how much you will need. Start off with an empty pond, so allow time to drain the water away.

1.Start off by filling any cracks that have appeared.

2.Using a stiff brush, remove all debris from the walls of the pond.

3.Apply two coats of Bondaglass G4 Clear Pond Paint, and allow to dry.

4.Then apply another two coats of the coloured pond paint.

5.Allow around 4 hours between coats of the same colour, and up to 72 hours for the paint to fully cure or harden.

6.Before refilling the pond, rinse the walls of the pond down with clean water. Drain this away, and then refill.