Reef Zlements Marine Snow Blizzard

Captures organic and inorganic pollutants in your reef tank

At a glance...
  • Regulates nutrient levels by capturing excess pollutants
  • Helps corals take in nutrients, promoting growth
  • A 5ml dose treats 100L of saltwater
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What is this Marine Snow Blizzard from Reef Zlements?

This Reef Zlements Marine Snow Blizzard is a marine polymer that acts as a flocculant, capturing excess organic and inorganic pollutants and bringing them together into larger compounds that are easier for your filter to remove. This process regulates the natural nutrient cycle in your aquarium, leading to long term nutrient and high pH stability.

Your corals will also appreciate the large compounds created by this Marine Snow Blizzard. These large compounds are readily assimilated by corals and used in their various biological processes - the main one being growth!

How do I use this Marine Snow Blizzard?

This Marine Snow Blizzard can be added directly to your reef tank. Before dosing, make sure that you vigorously shake the solution. Once your solution is well mixed, dose 5ml per 100L of saltwater. It's best to do this just after your aquarium lights go out.

It's recommended that you dose twice a week, though it is safe to dose daily if your nutrient levels are particularly high. This Marine Snow Blizzard must also be used in conjunction with a skimmer or other form of mechanical filtration.

After dosing Marine Snow Blizzard, you may notice a slight cloudiness in your reef tank. This is normal and completely harmless, after a few minutes it should dissipate as the solution gets to work.

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