Reef Zlements Phosphate Addition Z-PhosPlus

Supports microbial growth and biological filtration in your reef tank

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  • Natural source of phosphorous
  • Easy to dose
  • Available in 500ml or 1L bottles
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What is this Phosphate Addition Z-PhosPlus from Reef Zlements?

This Reef Zlements Phosphate Addition Z-PhosPlus is an easy-to-dose, natural source of phosphorous that's designed to boost PO4 levels in your reef tank.

Phosphorous is an incredibly important element in marine systems, responsible for supporting microbial growth and improving biological filtration. It's also readily absorbed by corals, enhancing their colouration and overall health.

As filtration systems get more efficient, low nutrient reef tanks are becoming more common. These systems are typically phosphorous depleted and require an additive like Phosphate Addition Z-PhosPlus to bring quantities back to an adequate level. A PO4 level of around 0.04 mg/l is the standard that reef keepers should try to aim for.

How does Phosphate Addition Z-PhosPlus improve biological filtration?

If phosphorous is present in adequate quantities in your reef tank, then microscopic plankton and bacteria will readily consume free-floating carbon and nitrogen. These bacteria can then be removed from your aquarium via your filter, or used as food by reef-building organisms like sponges, corals, clams, and tunicates.

How do I use this Phosphate Addition Z-PhosPlus?

Before dosing this phosphorous supplement, it's important that you use a PO4 test kit to accurately determine the current levels inside your aquarium.

Once you've determined your PO4 levels, dose 1ml of Phosphate Addition Z-PhosPlus per 100L of saltwater. This will increase your PO4 levels by ~0.01ppm. It's recommended that you only increase your PO4 levels by 0.01-0.02ppm per day, to avoid shocking your aquarium's inhabitants. Make sure you wait 24 hours in between PO4 tests to ensure accurate results.

If PO4 is dosed and after 24 hours both NO3 and PO4 levels don't start dropping, then your system may be carbon limited.

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