Salifert Coral Calcium

Replenish the essential levels of calcium required for healthy coral growth

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  • Calcium supplement for reef aquariums
  • Boost corals and calcareous algae growth
  • Ionically balanced
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Salifert Coral Calcium is ideal to maintain the level of calcium needed by corals and calcareous alage. It ensures healthy skeletal development and lush growth.

Coral Calcium contains not only calcium, but also minerals such as sulfate, chloride, bromide, sodium and magnesium. This blend will ensure that your aqaurium looks amazing and glows with health.

Dosage: 5ml per 100 litres / 22 gallons, once a week or two weeks. Adjust dosage according to individual requirements.

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Coral Calcium 250ml 250ml/8fl.oz
Coral Calcium 500ml 500ml/16fl.oz
Coral Calcium 1litre 1000ml/32fl.oz
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