Salifert Profi-Test Kits - Ammonia

Allows you to take accurate readings of ammonia levels

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  • Fast and easy testing of ammonia levels
  • For use in your freshwater and marine aquarium
  • 50 tests included in the kit
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The Salifert Ammonia Profi-Test is the ideal addition to any aquarist's kit. Salifert are well known for their high-quality aquatic products, and this test kit is no exception.

Ammonia and ammonium can be a real problem to not only a new fish keeper but also to an experienced aquarist. Even a low amount can cause severe fish health problems and even death.

It can be a sign that a filtration system is not fully matured, or that it is not sufficient for the amount of fish in the tank. Ammonia is a by-product of fish waste and uneaten food, so poor tank maintenance can contribute to the problem.

The tests work in just a few minutes, giving a precise and reliable result. With 50 tests in the kit, you are well prepared to carry out routine maintenance.

We have a range of ammonia removal products that are designed to quickly eradicate the problem. Also, making sure that uneaten food is removed after a few minutes and that the filter media is cleaned or replaced regularly will help lessen the risk.

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