Seachem CoralCrete Grey

Grey epoxy adhesive for securing coral to rockwork

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  • Secures coral to rockwork
  • Fully cures within 24 hours
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums
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What is Seachem CoralCrete?

Seachem CoralCrete is a two-part epoxy putty that can be used to secure coral to your rockwork, or it can be used to secure rocks together to create a more stable foundation for your corals. CoralCrete creates a stable foundation that won't be toppled over easily by your marine life. With a working time of 5 minutes, adding new coral frags to your tank has never been easier or faster, whilst still allowing you plenty of time to secure the corals to your rocks carefully for more precision, which is fantastic for marine hobbyists. Within 24 hours, whether submerged in water or not, the CoralCrete will be fully cured and completely stable.

What are the benefits of Seachem CoralCrete?

  • Working time of 5 minutes
  • Safe for aquatic life
  • Can be used in marine or freshwater tanks
  • Ideal for securing rockwork together or for fusing corals to rockwork
  • Creates a solid, secure foundation for coral frags
  • Prevents toppling, which causes coral deaths

How will this aid your reefkeeping?

With an easy application process, plenty of time to properly secure you corals or rocks, and a fast setting time, the CoralCrete is a must have for all reefkeepers. The best way to protect your corals from falling or being toppled by your aquatic life is to make sure they are properly fused to a stable surface, which will reduce the chance of coral death from being toppled or falling. This CoralCrete has other uses too; as an example, it can also be used to attach rocks together to make your perfect reefscape. It’s also safe to use in both marine and freshwater tanks, to allow you to customise the structure of your scape however best you see fit. CoralCrete is safe for any aquarium inhabitants and is ideal for use with larger quantities of branching corals or attaching corals to rock.

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