Seachem Meridian

A substrate beneficial for stabilising alkalinity and calcium

At a glance...
  • Prevents large declines in pH
  • Stabilises calcium and alkalinity
  • For all types of marine, reef and tropical aquariums
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What is the Seachem Meridian?

The Seachem Meridian is a natural oolitic (egg shaped) aragonite substrate that can be used in all types of aquariums, although it is ideally suited for reef and marine tanks as its chemical process will assist in stabilising calcium and alkalinity while preventing large declines in the pH levels. The Seachem Meridian is sold as 'dry', so you won't need to pay for any excess water weight, and the substrate still contains the beneficial bacteria found on dry or wet substrates.

Key Features:

  • Oolitic (Egg-Shaped)
  • Sold as 'dry', no need to pay for water weight
  • Stabilises alkalinity and calcium
  • Helps support coral growth
  • Supports a healthy environment for fish
  • Natural colours to reflect the ocean sands
  • Creates a contrast from the vibrancy of a reef

Why should I buy Seachem Meridian for my tank?

Seachem Meridian is highly recommended to be used in a marine aquarium, this substrate stabilises calcium levels which assist with coral growth, and also keeps alkalinity levels stable to assist with the general health of the tank and keeping coral and fish in a healthy environment. As well as all the added benefits of this substrate, Seachem Meridian is a beautiful bright colour substrate, that enhances the vibrant colours of your reef with a striking contrast. The natural colouration of this sand brings a small taste of the undersea world into your tank.

Directions for use

Rinse before use to remove any residue. When adding water to the aquarium make sure to add slowly to avoid disturbing the substrate. Initial cloudiness is natural. To remove the cloudiness use mechanical filtration.

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