Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater

Efficient heater equipped with mobile temperature control

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  • Set and record temperature remotely
  • Built-in energy saving mode
  • Adjustable from 15-35C
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What is the Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater?

The Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater is an innovative heater equipped with patented contactless temperature control. There’s no need to adjust any finnicky dials with this heater, simply connect it to your mobile phone via a free-to-download app and set/monitor your temperature on the go.

This Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater is fully submersible and suitable for all types of aquariums, including saltwater reef tanks. It’s also available in a range of sizes, from 100W (suitable for aquariums up to 130L) to 400W (suitable for aquariums up to 480L).

Key Features:

  • High thermal density and shatter resistant glass
  • Cutting edge contactless technology
  • Connects to mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Pairs with free-to-download ContrAll app
  • Preset energy saving mode option
  • Thermo safety shut-off prevents damage
  • Completely submersible, use vertically or horizontally
  • Adjustable from 15-35°C
  • Precision tolerance of +/- 1°C
  • Comes with strong suction cups

How do I install this Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater?

To install this Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater, simply place it inside your aquarium and use the suction cups provided to securely attach it to a glass surface. Then, plug it in and pair it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Use the free-to-download ContrAll app to set and monitor your temperature.

Do I need a heater for my aquarium?

In most cases, yes. If you're keeping tropical or marine fish, they'll require a heated aquarium. Some temperate or coldwater fish may also appreciate a heater, especially during colder months or if they're being kept inside a garage with no heating.

Before you purchase and set up a heater, it's worth checking two important things. First, how big is your aquarium? And two, what kind of fish are you keeping? Do a bit of research to see what kind of temperatures your fish prefer - some may like a range, while others may like a specific temperature.



Wattage Aquarium Capacity Cable Length
100W 80-130L 2.2m
200W 150-230L 2.2m
300W 250-350L 2.2m
400W 300-480L 2.2m
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