Swell Aquarium Nitrite Remover

Maintains optimum nitrite levels in your aquarium

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  • Removes nitrites and maintains the optimum levels for your tank
  • Suitable for use in all freshwater aquariums
  • Safe for fish in your aquarium
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What is Nitrite and why is it bad?

Nitrite is a harmful substance that builds up in an aquarium, it is produced as a result of biological processes, such as the breakdown of fish and invertebrate waste, food scraps and plant matter. High levels of nitrite can also be caused due to the use of chemical medications or by changing the filter materials, which can kill off many of the beneficial bacteria in the aquarium

What can you do to remove Nitrite?

  • Use Swell Aquarium Nitrite Remover every day until nitrite levels are reduced
  • Reduce the amount of food you are feeding your fish as overfeeding can lead to an increase of nitrite
  • Complete partial water changes of around 20-30% regularly
  • Remove waste from the bottom of the tank by syphoning it out.
  • Complete water tests often to check the levels.

How do you use this treatment?

To use Swell Aquarium Nitrite Remover, shake the container well. Then, add 20ml (1 capful is equal to 5ml) of the product for every 100 litres of water every day until the problem is resolved. If the nitrite levels are very high (above 0.50mg/l), you should first change 30-40% of the water by siphoning the gravel before using this treatment. You should monitor the nitrite levels every day using commercially available test kits and continue treatment until you see a reduction in the levels. Swell Aquarium Tonic Salt can be used to reduce the toxicity of nitrite. 


Dosing Guidelines

Tank Size Dose
100l 20ml
200l 40ml
300l 60ml
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