Swell Media Bags

A fantastic solution for filter media maintenance

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  • Tough and durable pond filter media bags
  • Designed to hold free-floating media while letting water pass through
  • Each pack contains 4 media bags
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These Pond Filter Media Bags are perfect for medias such as Alfagrog, Flo-Cor, Bio-balls, and Zeolite, or any other type of loose-fill filter media.

Using a media bag makes removal of your filter media easier as you can take it all out in one go, and with this multiple packs of bags you can have a replacement ready to go in, or use for multiple types of media, meaning swapping different types of filter media at different times is super simple.

Pack of 4 Large filter media bags come complete with a tie cord at the top, can be used in ponds or large aquariums.

Bag Dimensions: 50cm x 80cm - Approx

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