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TMC REEF-Roller Replacement Filter Roll

Aquarium filter fleece for filtering aquarium water down to 50 microns

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  • Replacement fleece roll for TMC Reef-Roller systems
  • Constructed from non-woven polyester fleece
  • Provides crystal clear aquarium water
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TMC filter fleece rolls keep your aquarium water clean and clear.

What is TMC Reef-Roller Replacement Filter Roll?

TMC Reef-Roller Replacement Filter Roll is a replacement fleece roll for the TMC REEF-Roller Manual Roller Filter system. Available in two fleece lengths 20m and 45m, these aquarium fleece rolls achieve impressive flow rates and filter aquarium water down to 50 microns providing your aquarium with crystal clear water.

Are these aquarium filter fleece rolls easy to install?

Yes, inserting a new roll is simple, quick and hassle-free. Removing the fleece can be done in a few minutes and without any tools.

  • Unscrew the four screws on the bottom of your TMC Reef-Roller system to release the roller tray inside the reef roller. This will allow you to fit the roll
  • Take your roll and thread it through your roller, both edges of the roll will touch the inside edges of the reef roller when filled with water. This is the correct way to install it
  • Take the drive side bobbin and attach using the sellotape already on the roll
  • The roll should touch the blue side of the bobbin and then be easily spaced across the shaft. Wind on a few turns and make sure it's evenly spread
  • Place the other disc on the other side of the bobbin to help the spacing and flip the non-return guide and make sure it firmly works
  • You can then place the roller tray back inside, making sure that the grid is on the top
  • Take the whole side of the roll and place the other bobbin through the roll followed by the other disc. Wind it back on and drop it into place, then replace the four screws you initially removed
Product Replacement Filter Roll 20m Replacement Filter Roll 45m
Filter roll length 20 m 45 m
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