Tropica Pogostemon erectus 1-2-Grow!

Live Buce plant for aquariums

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  • Tall live Pogostemon plant for freshwater aquariums
  • Medium difficulty to grow and compact growth
  • Pre-portioned 2-3cm plants
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The Indian Pogostemon erectus forms compact groups of bright green, conifer-like stems, 15-40 cm tall and 1-3 cm wide. Its common name is Buce plant and it is suitable as a background plant and creates a wonderful focal point in both smaller and larger groups. Intense light helps the plant to stay compact for a longer period. Moderate growth and vigorous roots. Plants will need frequent pruning, and cut offshoots will easily start growing when planted.

Common name Buce plant
Type Stem
Growth rate Medium
Origin Asia
Height 15-30cm+
Light demand Medium - 0.5W/L
CO2 demand Medium - 6-14 mg/L
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