Tropica Lilaeopsis brasiliensis 1-2-Grow!

Grassy Brazilian Micro sword plant live aquarium plant

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  • Grassy live Lilaeopsis plant for freshwater aquariums
  • Easy to grow with a slow growth rate
  • Pre-portioned 2-3cm plants
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Lilaeopsis brasiliensis also known by its common name Brazilian Micro sword plant is from South America. It can grow very compact, but a "lawn effect'' (4-7 cm tall) is only achieved at high light intensity. When planting in the aquarium small clumps (approx. 1/8 pot) should be placed a few centimetres apart to help the plants grow together more quickly. Place in an open position without shading from other plants to ensure good light. Lilaeopsis brasiliensis can be used in garden ponds, and also tolerates low salt concentrations in brackish aquariums.

Common name Brazilian Micro sword plant
Type Stolon
Growth rate Slow
Origin South America
Height 3-5cm+
Light demand Medium - 0.5W/L
CO2 demand Medium - 6-14 mg/L
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