Velda Brilliant Pyramid

Eco-friendly, fuss free heron deterrent

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  • Fantastic heron deterrent for your garden pond
  • Floats on the surface like a beautiful, mirrored ornament
  • Bright flashes scare the heron away
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The Velda Brilliant Pyramid is a cost effective way to deter herons from your fish pond. Using the suns rays, the sides of the pyramid reflects light, scaring the herons away.

Herons can be a real problem and devastate a once healthy fish population very quickly. The pyramid simply sits on the surface of the water and frightens away predators. No fuss or maintenance required!

The pyramid comes complete with a fixing cord and weight to secure it to the pond side. It can be fixed at a distance of around 60cm.

This eco-friendly, fuss free heron deterrent is a great, easy way to keep your fish safe.

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