Carbon Filter Media

Activated carbon help and advice

An easy way to get crystal-clear aquarium water

Carbon is a very popular chemical filter media that is a must for most aquariums. It not only helps to keep the water crystal clear but also absorbs foul smells and unwanted chemical treatments. Our range of activated carbon features products from top names like Fluval, Aqua One and Oase.

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is a black compound that can be used as a mechanical and chemical filtration media. The carbon latches onto and stores unwanted impurities until the carbon is removed. Carbon is very good for removing the yellow tanning that can occur in freshwater aquariums when bogwood and other natural elements are added as a decoration.

Why should I buy activated carbon?

Carbon doesn't cost much and will give you fantastically clear water. Swell UK also sells carbon in many different forms, including filtration pellets, filter foam, substrates and cartridges, so you can find whatever form of carbon you need to fit into your tank and filtration system.

What are the main types of activated carbon?

The biggest difference in our activated carbon range is between the different delivery methods of the activated carbon. Carbon filtration pellets can be held in a filter bag and placed inside a filter, similar to some biological filter media. Filter foam works as a mechanical filter, like regular aquarium filter foam, while also mixing carbon with the water. Carbon substrate can be mixed in with your regular aquarium substrate to release carbon into the water and a cartridge tends to be inserted into a specific filtration system or filter.

What should I look for?

When buying activated carbon the first big decision is the delivery method of the carbon, once you have decided on that it's just a case of ensuring your carbon is compatible with your filtration system and tank. Most activated carbon products have a suggested upper and lower limit to the size of tank and speed of filter they can handle to give you an idea of if they would be right for you.