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  • Reduces stress and helps fish acclimate
  • Suitable for use in all freshwater aquariums
  • Improves vitality and colouration of your fish
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What is Swell Aquarium Blackwater Extract?

The Swell Aquarium Blackwater Extract is a natural peat extracts that is used to recreate the tannin-stained aquatic environment that is found in tropical rivers and lakes, which helps create a more natural environment for your aquatic life. This extract contains tannic acid and aloe vera, which will improve the vitality and colouration of your fish. The extract will also stabilise the pH and reduce stress, allowing your fish to acclimate to a new aquarium or destress after transportation.

What are the benefits of this product?

  • This will help stimulate reproduction in your fish
  • Natural extracts in the product simulate the elements that are released by roots in water
  • Creates a habitat that is suitable for the fish living in your aquarium
  • Suitable for a variety of fish, including most community fish, discus, cichlids, angelfish and crustaceans

How do I use this treatment?

The recommended dosage is to shake the product before use and add 15 millilitres (one capful) of Swell Aquarium Blackwater Extract per 100 litres of water once per week. To recreate the conditions of the Amazon river, you can double the dose. It is normal for the water to turn amber after using the product.

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